Lead Flashing around Chimney base.

Probably one of the most common problems with leaking Roofs is the chimney flashing. Why do we commonly see the base of chimneys covered in black sealant? When we go through our seasonal weather changes it's common for the caulking/sealant to crack because of the expansion and contraction. Guess what goes in the cracks and into your home? Right. Water. Too many Roofers use a tube of this sealant because it's cheaper than a roll of lead flashing. Not only is the sealant messy and unprofessional looking, it's simply not going to hold up very long. The lead flashing around the chimney base is the right way to ensure a no leak chimney. Plus it just looks neater...


Expert Roof Repair Services

Our skilled team offers professional roof repair services all over Massachusetts to ensure your property is protected from leaks and weather damage. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient solutions for all your roofing repair needs.

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Roof Inspection and Assessment

Our team of experienced professionals will conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of your roof to identify any issues or potential problems. We will provide a detailed report and recommend the best course of action to ensure the long-term integrity of your roof.

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